Friday, April 15, 2011

Billings Mustangs June 27,2007

This is a game from way back in the archives!  It was back on our 2007 Far West Motor home trip, and we had Brandon along with us.  We really weren't super into baseball games, it was the next year we really got the bug.  But we were in the area, and I noticed a game being played. 

It was here that Brandon met up with a nice couple sitting in the box seats, and that turned into an invitation the next day to rustle 800 head of cattle Montana rodeo Western style on the Crow Indian Reservation some 40 miles away, and a further invitation to stay the night at the Happy Jack Cattle Ranch in Gary Owen, Montana. It was a couple of days that have been the best memories of our travels!  Thanks LaVerne Ivey and Tom Hogan!!!

 Brandon being his usual ball hawk.  think he got 4 this game.  He's down in the "box seats", where we met Tom and La Verne.  we got there early for the game. 

The game was played at the Old Cobb Field, which was built in like 1927.  It was old, old old!  Had a nice view of the foothills, and it was cool that night, even though it was late in June.  This is the rookie league team for the Cincinnati Reds, which means Gookie Dawkins played here, I think, maybe Reggie Taylor too. 

There was a fairly good crowd there that night, I remember the food being very good and not expensive.

This is the new stadium, which was built pretty much where the old one was.  It's a beautiful new field.  The city voted 53% favorable to issue the bonds to build the field- I believe the city actually owns the team.  Since this was so far back, we don't have a baseball from here, but we did get a pin, and Brandon did get a Mustangs hat, which I still have here in Florida. 

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