Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The San Diego Padres

                              Major League Teams-  The San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres vs The Colorado Rockies

Game Date: 

Petco Field, downtown San Diego California

Brandon and I

We visited here when we were on our big summer trip in 2007. Brandon and I took the train from Oceanside on down to San Diego, and walked from the stadium over to Petco Field.  The field is literally in downtown San Diego, and is a  beautiful ball park, and a fun place for a game.  Great sight lines.  we decided to get seats in the left field bleachers, and we had a good view of the game. 
Brandon was able to get his first major league baseball here, as there was a fellow who was pretty much a regular, and was friendly with the Padres left fielder, and he would throw balls up to the guy, and the guy made it a point to hand out balls to kids-  Very nice gesture. 

Today, several years later, I was able to run down to Petco and visit the pro shop and get a Padres ball and pin to add to the collections. 
When I get back to Florida, I'll add some special photos I have in a hard drive of the events of that day-  including one special photo.

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