Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Training Baseball 2014 Trip

Went on the annual old guys  baseball trip -  

We decided to cut one day off, due to threatening weather, and the Braves willingness to refund our tickets, so good for us.  

Friday, Braves vs Detroit-  Won by the Tigers-  Hot sunny day, crowd of 8000 plus. Seats in section 218.  

Saturday, Braves vs Red Sox-  Won by the Braves 6-3.  Little cooler, bigger crowd. 

Seats in Sec 103. Got to sit next to my old College buddy, Dubbie Berry, who made the trip down-  hadn't seen him for 45 years!!

Sunday, Yankees vs Toronto  at Tampa. 
Big crowd, got to see Jeter and most of the starters-  Yankees lost, made 3 errors.  
Sec 210  good seats.  

Couple of shots from Dinner one night at Logan's steak house, and lunch on the way back at Hooters in Daytona Beach.  

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