Saturday, June 2, 2012

Park Only Visit- Hickory Crawdads- Hickory NC

Date of visit- May 31, 2012

Stopped by Hickory on the way to Advance, NC and the Winston Salem Dash on the first day of the Summer 2012 trip.  Nice park, got a ball and pin here. 

This field has a huge jumbotron, the biggest and nicest I've seen at any minor league park. 

There was a posted attendanced of 3607, but I'm pretty sure there were not more than a thousand folks there. 

Because we had had a long day, and there was lots of weather around, we left after 6.5 innings, with the Dash loosing 4-0, but they wound up making a game of it, and lost 8-5

Note that there were 25 hits in the game, plus 5 errors.  I would say the official scorer was very generous tonight, we saw what we thought were about another 5 or so errors in just the game we saw!

Got a nice logo ball and pin.

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